I hope this reaches her in time – R.H. Sin


Yes. This book has reached me.

the girl who deserves the sun
is tired of being rained on

the girl you don’t appreciate
will get tired of loving you


she made oceans
with her tears
she used the heartache
as motivation to build
the boat
in hopes of sailing
far away from everything
and everyone
who hurt her


girls like you have roses
inside of them
that are strong enough
to bloom through blizzards

And I’m not too glad it did.

I do appreciate the well-intentioned effort to empower women somehow but… To sum up my déjà vu: thoughts on these kinds of poetry collections in this review. One curious thing I didn’t mention is that they all lack capitalization.

that’s not working either

* Credit: Book cover via Goodreads

2 thoughts on “I hope this reaches her in time – R.H. Sin

  1. Thank you for sharing this and helping me to find your review. I was not impressed with the verse; there is far too much self-involvement, self-indulgence and nothing about the essence of love. The only line that evoked an image in my mind was the roses strong enough to bloom through blizzards…

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    1. Thank you for reading! It’s a short book but it caused me actual physical discomfort. The one you mention is indeed a lovely image, but expressed so poorly that it all disappears in an instant. I just finished a haiku marathon (I was happy because I had all four haiku masters at once on my currently-reading shelf, not many could understand my joy :/ ) so this book pales in comparison.

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