How to Be Perfectly Unhappy – Matthew Inman


This one was a mix.
35108048How to Be Perfectly Unhappy is a short collection of lovely drawings that ponder the concept of happiness. Some reflections are of some interest, but not exactly meaningful epiphanies, just stuff you already know; others echo a self-help Coelhish mumbo jumbo about wanting to hurt so you can heal…
All in all, nothing extraordinary. Nothing hilarious or somewhat amusing. Nothing remarkably inspirational. Nothing as good as the book with the suspicious-looking cats.

Other books I’ve read by Inman:
How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you
Why grizzly bears should wear underpants

* Photo credit: Book cover via Goodreads.


2 thoughts on “How to Be Perfectly Unhappy – Matthew Inman

  1. The adjective “Coelhish” sent shudders down my spine: I committed my first and only act of violence against a book on “The Alchemist”…

    Murderous cats, now that’s a different kettle of fish altogether: loved it! 🙂

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